Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hybrid Holidays part 1....

It's the 9th day of Christmas at Brownie Scraps and one of my favorite designers, Snickels Corner Crafts, is the featured designer.  She has an awesome sale going on today, a freebie on her blog and facebook page, and some great coupons to hand out.  If you are not familiar with Snickels Corner Crafts, she is a hybrid designer.  Since she joined the Brownie Scraps team I have discovered my love of hybrid.

My number 1 reason for loving it is that I don't need an entire craft room full of little buttons, ribbons, or coordinating papers to create super cute crafts.  I sit at my computer to design it and then print it out.  Most things take a couple of minutes to cut and assemble and viola!  A gift ready to give!

Here are a few of the people I am checking off my gift list with hybrid gifts...

My husband's assistant:  This 5X7 calender goes in an acrylic frame and is today's free with purchase at Brownie Scraps.  When I showed my husband he wanted me to make one for his assistant too.  Our boys always give her a little gift because she is not only one of their best buddies, but also like a grandmother to them.  This is a unique gift she won't get anywhere else and is so inexpensive to make.

My 94 year old grandmother: There are three things that we can get my grandmother that she will love...flowers, puzzles, and pictures.  This year I am sending her my FAVORITE project so far...the mini matchbook album.  I imagine she will carry this around in the basket of her walker and show it to everyone she sees as she walks through the halls of her nursing home.  This project seems a little overwhelming, but it really is not.  It took me one naptime start to finish which means finding pictures to use all the way to a completed project.
Cleaning Lady: This is our first Christmas with a cleaning lady and I feel that we should give her a little something to show our appreciation for the amazing job she does.  I don't know much about her so I decided on a few baked goods along with a grocery gift card, everyone needs to eat.  Add some cute packaging, like this french fry box and you have a gift you feel good giving.  Plus, I never write on things like this so that if the recipient wants to reuse it they can:)
Family: Everyone that is getting store bought gift from me is still getting a little something hybrid:)  These are Tags Vol. 1, they turned out really cute and make the gifts they are hanging on a little more fun.

Head over to Snickels Corner Crafts blog to get more information about her big sale today and to get a FREEBIE!


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